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Urban75 welcomes your thoughts, opinions and experiences on any drug-related issue. Type 'em in here and we'll post up the best. For general drug discussion, check out the bulletin boards:

Hey - I love the website. The drugs section has a very real perspective on using. I have been slamming methanphetamines for a while now, and I have had bad experiences with substances at raves. Until I stumbled across this page I had never realized what was happening in my body, much less how to control it. This section has been miraculously helpful. I just hope that it will save a life or two, or at least make somebody think twice before doing anything stupid. I wish I had seen this site earlier, I know it would have effected me, more than you know. Keep up the good work, and for the sake of life, use well. Serenity

As a fairly recent newcomer to the Rave scene I wanted be informed about the effects of E. The wealth of knowledge I have take from your site, I have shared with friends who've been raving 1-2 years. Quite simply, I learned more from your site than I did with 90% of other sites. I recommend all our there to read up! David

I have not read an extreme amount or ecstasy material, but a couple of years of the Samsara and The Gallery (until snotty door policy) made me click onto your notes. Hats off! Full admiration. Not preaching, informative, helpful, not praising it, not condoling, et cetera. If u were profit making I'd ask for a career! Keep it up! :) CK

Yo thanx for all the info on your site. I take ecstasy just about every weekend and go clubbing or to raves. And a big big thank you for the info on drinking too much water to compensate for a "weird roll". Now that I've read about it, I think that I have come very close to drinking too much, and having a headache/nausea from it. I'm going to start bringing salt packets in my pocket to slip in my water when I go. You guys are life savers!! Is there any way you could get some info up about safe practices for pass-outs, 'helicopters', and other ways of blowing up? i know there has to be a right and a wrong way to do this sheeatt! thanx 1000+ times, can't get it right in the u.s... SuZyQ


Wish more people came to this site, the amount of drug-related deaths would probably decrease by a long shot. Much better than that "Dare" shite they teach at my school...Thanks. Emi

I found your pages on drugs very wonderful. instead of preaching about the horrors of drugs or being a bunch of pot-heads, you were informative, something we need to see more of in this area. I thought the fact that you explained what to and not to do while on various drugs was a really good idea. The section on 'drug aid' was very good too. I'm glad someone finally wrote helpful and not preaching things about drugs. I'm going to recommend these pages to the anti-drug group at my school. I think it will help them be more intelligent on the matter. Thank you so much for creating them. Margaret

Yes yes, its all true, no propaganda here, I can verify what's said here with a nod and a chuckle, maybe some points should be stressed, such as environment, stand of mind and the company you are in with reference to some substances here so people take note and dont need to learn from experience so often, that would reduce them wasting their time, brains and money cos they didnt get what they were chasing.........and spend more time FUCKIN AVIN IT!!!!!!! chris


Never having smoked a cigarette let alone anything stronger, and being rather ignorant of the drug scene and having kids at the same time (not a good combination) I find your site rational, reasonable, and informative. I learned more in these 15 minutes of reading than the total of all former information. Thank you
Kate (e-mail with held)

I had been looking for info about raves one night and came across this site. It drew me in, I have never read anything so precise and "To the Point". I think this is a great place to find information about drugs! Nothing is sugar-coated or over- dramatized here. I think that pointing out the realities without slamming on someone is the best approach that can be made. I am sure that someone is reading the information on this site and becoming educated about the reality of drugs. I am all for one having and making their own decisions in life, and I think what you guys are doing here is important in this day and age. PEACE. Betsy

Yo, thanks for the info on the drugs. I use speed every now and then when I go clubbin'. Nice to see a website that doesn't give you a bunch of sh*t on why drugs are bad and whatnot. You'd never be able to get this info here in America. God Bless the UK. Irene

I am relieved that people are finally committed to taking a responsible attitude towards the circulation and encouragement of accurate and vital information regarding the use of recreational drugs. Living in London and being directly involved with the underground clubs through D.Js and promoters, I see many clubbers taking a vastly different and blatantly irresponsible approach to taking drugs. Just as useage booklets were distributed with the first ecstasy tablets, web-sites like this show that there is a way to educate in a calm and understandable way... keep up the good work, and lets hope that more people start thinking about finding out the facts before condemning our club culture for the whole world to panic at. Sam


DUDE.. thank you soo much for the info on the drugs.. I was really curious about the affects that certain drugs have on me and my friends... Now that i know about them and what to do, i can be alot more responsible when I or one of my friends use it. Thanks SNickERS

to the folks at urban75, I am a counselor in Boston, MA, working with adolescents (primarily gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered youth). I have been poking around your web site and I really like the way that you present your drug information. Many of my clients use these substances, and i was hoping to gain permission from you to use some of your text to make informational pamphlets and handouts for them. It would be greatly appreciated! I am strongly against scare tactics that are usually employed to try to stop kids from using drugs, and where i work we are much more focused on harm reduction that abstinence. for many of our clients, that is simply not an option. Thanks again for the information you post. If you need more information on the population we serve, or anything else, please do not hesitate to write. You can also check out

You guys have a pretty cool web site here. I especially like the helpful information about drugs as well as the saftey risks associated with certain types of drugs. I believe this might allow users who do take these forms of drugs to be a bit more careful in what they do. Anyways, great web site. Wah Kit


Like your site regarding drugs. I'm a Community Drug Preventionalist and am always checking the web for different ideas I can use with the kids I work with. Just wanted to say that your site looks great. I'll bookmark it and explore it more in depth at a later time. I agree with your opening statement regarding simply informing and allowing people to make their own decisions.

Hi there, Finally found a 'to the point' and helpful explanation about the main drugs used in and around clubs. Thanks and keep on the good work, especially for the younger ones who often have nowhere to turn to for accurate information.
Dirck Pont - Club owner of 96 degrees Johannesburg - South Africa

they should give this shit out in schools man, this is a billion times more informative than some dull pamplhlet saying JUSTSAYNO or equivelent spacedness. sound.
adam francis

tai Just wanted to commend you for your excellent drug guide. Very comprehensive, very well laid-out. Don't do raves myself (I do camp fires and 'shrooms and guitars and little hippie boys and swimming nekkid in the sea) but I am thoroughly impressed with your site. Impressed enough to write, which I rarely do. The first aid section was a doubleplus, I know many friends who would benefit from the info, and I will send them your way. Thanks.

I, like so many others, slapped spice girls before stumbling into the drug info. Even before I did drugs (I still don't really do them, I've only smoked pot a few times) I thought Urban75 was cool cos it sorta let you make your own decision without crushing you with facts about how many people die from smoking weed and shit like that, and it you get to know real stuff... Anyway, thanx for the great site and stuff... Lora


I'm 13 and a semi-heavy pot user, and a friend recently invited me to go drop acid w/her. I was kinda freaked out, y'know, uninformed - thanks a bunch for providing the right info, not all that bullshit I get from counselors and television. Not only did I *not* make an ass out of myself, but I lived through it - neither of which would have been possible without your wonderful page. THANK YOU! Meowill

this blastin page has helped me to understand why and how my body reacts when I use various drugs. I just want to say that all teenie boppers need to see this page to know the effects and the pros/cons of using drugs. Ii would love to have been informed of this shit when I was a kiddie.

Although I think your site is informative, I myself am anti-drugs. I am not trying to force my opinions on you, or anything of the sort, but I don't see how anyone would abuse their body and kill their brain cells just to get high for a short period of time. the other day, a 13-year-old girl at my school purposely took too many prescription drugs during school hours and was a complete wreck. She was miserable and talked about killing herself. Another girl got high at the same time on illegal drugs, and wandered off school grounds. Please don't think I'm trying to preach, I'm just using these stories to exemplify my opinions. Anonymous

Just had to say that this site REALLY informs you what drugs do to you and what's legal and what's not. Might add some pictures though. I used this site for my GCSE Coursework. Great resource.
Bergur Hallgrimsson


I just wanted to say it's refreshing to finally see some honest info on a subject that it so often construed and and manipulated by the government and media. Also, I wanted to inform you guys a little about crystal meth use in the U.S. Nowadays, meth isn't just in the gay or biker communities anymore. Its becoming wildly popular here in the states, especially among young people, most of which are too ignorant or just don't give a shit to use it resonsibly. I've seen many a close friend totally ruined as they become total addicts. In short, meth is the most poplular growing drug of the day here, and its actually pretty damn dangerous when used incorrectly.

Thank you for informing others without suggesting if your opinion is for or against drug abuse. This way it will be very effective when a few of my friends read this. They are addicted to drugs. I have been successful in persuading them to cut back, and I believe your format of this information may get them to finally quit. This information is also great for my research paper!


Great pages on drug info. No getting up on your high horses. You should drink water while your on the drugs, but the after care is the important bit. Try and drink plenty of fruit juice the next day to get back vitamins, as well as milk cos drugs especially Eggys wreak havok whith ya calcium levels. And don't miss out on meals after too. Ya have to regain ya strength. Do keep up the good work. It's about time some one did.!!!!!!!!!!!
The Spangled One

woah, talk about being blunt... no pun intended... but seriously, i am VERY impressed with your drug information pages... nobody will tell it how it is anymore. glad to know someone cares. see ya in the pit.


Nice. good to see ONE page on this fucking net that doesn't say either "after-one-sniff-of-pot-you'll-be-selling-your-body- to-old-men-in-public-toilets " or "yeah-man-groovy- let's-get-high-yeah-wow " It's both bullshit anyway. Real info. great. And also really good that you inform about the risks about using heroin. I'm 15 now, and I was quite a heavy user until about six months ago. Believe me, it's really too good to give up, but also way too dangerous to keep up. I managed to give it up with alot of help from good friends and none at all from a hysterical family. If you're into the "oh-yeah-man-this-is-kewl" stuff and want to try something a bit "on the limit" then get some acid or something that you can actually USE. No one can "use" H. No way.
Mills e-mail very withheld..

Just reading your page on drugs, writing because I found your page the most informing. For instance, other pages list all the side affects and not the experiences. Just basically wanted to thank you for putting up a page to inform folk about certain drugs and not trying to force an opinion on us. Buda of all Web Pages

Well, I've never even smoked a cigarette, let alone taken drugs, but your drug information is excellent. If my first husband had read that years ago, his cocaine use might not have killed him. And if I'd read it, I might have known he was using drugs. All in all, I think you're doing the right thing in putting drug information out where anyone can get it. While the odd person may use it for irresponsible/harmful purposes, I'm sure that, when completely informed, those people will be in the minority. Anna

I think it is good that you are presenting a non-biased, straight-forward information page about drugs. It truly should be the people's choice whether to take drugs or not.


has anyone got any info on mescaline? im interested in obtaining some, so would like to know what im getting into before i do. from what i understand, its alot like acid, but not as harmful. thanks for any info anyone can provide tim


I found your web site to be very informing on drugs. Most people know of certain drugs but are not sure what the effects are or health risks etc. The people at urban 75 have taken the time to find out information about the drug and then chose to inform us the users or just the curiously inclined about the drugs. Personally I think that it takes heart to warn or just inform others about what's out there. Pete

Thanks for your up-front info on the mind-chemistry scene. I am a 15 year old who has dropped acid and smoked plenty of weed in my time and was curious about stuff my friends were using, like E and coke. Now I know what I needed to know without having an opinion forced on me. I can now be a more responsible and happy drug user. For the newbies, though, I cannot stress enough that for your first time, make sure you have responsible, experienced friends to baby-sit you. I know that without my older experienced pals to look out for me, I would have been badly hurt, arrested, raped among other things, during my first trips. I think you should a a Q&A section because I have some questions -like is it true acid can be detected in your hair up to 7 years after you last use it? And can you give us some links where I can find out more about the drug scene here in America? Our drug scene is quite different than the one in the UK and we dumb Americans need love, too!
Sketch (my acid name)


I am fifteen and would like to say that your drug pages are incredibly helpful and accurate. It is nice to see a page that truly cares enough to give open-minded facts and not short 'just say no' messages. I must admit though, that there is a huge difference in American drug use and drug use in the UK. Where I live raves arn't very popular, and I (and my friends) have always done hallucinogens exclusively for the mind-expanding properties, and the idea of experiencing a rave under the influence of them sounds extremely enticing. Maybe in the future I'll stop by for a visit! Thanks so much for a caring, educated page, it's truly one of a kind. Yanni e-mail=-withheld- (due to parents!)

As a Nurse/Counselor in a residential treatment facility for adolescent substance abusers in New York City, I have found some of the information links on your Drug Homepage to be quite helpful. While not all of my colleagues will agree, I feel it is crucial that a more realistic and less ostracizing view of drug use needs to be explored if we are to successfully battle the ravages of substance abuse. Honesty in reporting is just the beginning. Thanks. Carol E. Carney

I happened onto your site more or less by accident (I thought it would be fun to slap the Spice Girls), and eventually found myself reading your Drug section out of curiosity, having never really done drugs myself. When I was in college several of my friends did quite a bit of pot. I was impressed with your reasonably balanced coverage of the issues. However, I don't think you emphasize enough the unreliability of black-market drugs. Most users usually have no idea about the strength or purity of the stuff, or even whether the substance they bought from the lowlife dope peddler is what he or she says it is. This may be the single most dangerous aspect of recreational drug use.


Thanks for actually putting up some real, honest info, and not just the 'bad things drugs can do to you' b-s that teachers, doctors, etc will try to shove down your throat. As a non-user who has been seriously contemplating cannabis (I'm WAYYYY too stressed out. And while Slapping a Sipce Girl is relaxing, sadly, loading the app takes quite a while), I appriciated the info. One question, hoping someone can answer in email perhaps. I have been hearing that while smoking cannibis will produce the euphoric effect and relaxation, as well as the munchies, on the other hand, that eating it (both in a food like brownies or pasta sauce, or just downing it plain) will produce different effects. (My husband is looking into it as a appitite increaser. He forgets to eat.) Frito Muncher Hey I recently stumbled across your page and i loved it! The Drug page, Was unbelivvable Those tips and everything.It sounded like you really cared about what the people smoked out there. I just one on thing to say Kepp it up : ) Sprink.

hi!just wanted to say that you have a great drugs page going on here, especially to someone coming from a society totally paranoid and ignorant about the whole skedaddle. Any kind of abuse usually leads to essentially similiar destruction in any case, and to let the government or anybody else tell you what are the ones you are allowed to destroy yourself with is just as stupid as to misuse drugs. I guess it's sometimes a chore to have to be responsible for yourself, but just a little care and info (courtesy of sites like these for eg.) would enable someone like me to get so much more out of drugs. so thanks and go on with the work! gimmeapinkdawg

i just read what everybody else wrote so now it 's my turn.. Your page kicks has all sorts of useful sister sent me to the slap the spice girls thingie, and i found all these nice little tidbits on not a major only 14, but i 've been smokin weed for 2 years and i've done acid and E and the info u gave was very useful.. i m glad someone realised there was a need of straightup honest information. .my sister was tripped out on a combo of some random pills we found and she started tweakin on me and i was able to calm her down because i read your page..we both printed out the page and keep copies around in our rooms and at school just in case someone tweaks...anyways, thanx thanx thanx you guys r bomb ass... andygirl from San Francisco



Hey, you guyz rock beyond all words. All other websites just trash drugs without telling you what they do or how they're used. You provide the information necessary for me to make my own opinion on drugs instead of saying "These are drugs, they are bad" the way a lot of adults around me did when I was growing up. I never would have kown what drugs were if they weren't shown to me in the first place, but now that they've started, at least there's you guyz to help things work out OK for those who don't know much. Thanx a bunch

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Special note:
This site is all about harm reduction. We realise that some people will take drugs no matter what advice they are given, so we have reproduced this guide for information purposes only. It is not medical advice. If you are being coerced into taking drugs, or are in any doubt about taking a substance, our advice is to always refuse.

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